3 Gun Dog Hunting Supplies To Get You Started

Posted on: 15 June 2017

Training your dog to become a hunting dog is very rewarding and can lead to better bird hunting success as well as bonding opportunities for you and your dog. A well-trained bird dog gets much more mental stimulation and exercise than most of his non-hunting peers, which means a happier dog. Eventually, you can even enter your bird dog into trial competitions, potentially winning prizes. To get started on your new hunting adventure, here are three ideas for dog hunting supplies:

A Dog Handler's Bag

A sturdy, rugged, and roomy dog handler's bag is essential. The handler's bag will give you a secure place to stash your supplies, including your dog lead, dog whistle, dummy fowl, first aid kit, and a portable water bowl and bottled water. Handler's bags are designed to be durable and comfortable to carry around all day.

Hunting Dog Vests

Just like human hunters, bird hunting dogs need special attire to stay safe and protected on hunting excursions. Hunting dog vests in bright hunter's orange with reflective stripes will keep your dog visible even in dense foliage and woods, or at dawn and dusk when the light is low. Some dog hunting vests even come in specialty foam or neoprene to help your dog stay buoyant in water if you are bird hunting at a lake. Look for dog hunting vests with extra padding under the arms to protect your dog's skin from irritation on long hunting and training days.

Bird Launcher 

A bird launching device is an important supply to have when training a bird hunting dog. Bird launchers help you train your dog by launching a pen-raised bird (which may normally not fly very far or act like a wild bird) far into the air before it flies away. This gives you the opportunity to teach your dog to catch the scent of a bird when it's in the launcher, point to it, and learn proper bird hunting behavior.

When your dog behaves the way you want him to, the bird stays in the launcher for him to perfect his pointing. When your dog runs off or otherwise doesn't give you the actions you're training him to, you use the bird launcher remote to launch the bird. This approach can drastically cut down on the amount of time required for training a bird dog.

By stocking up on these gun dog supplies, you will be starting off your training and hunting on the right foot. Visit a hunting supplies store for more information. 


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