3 Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Dog's Teeth Every Day

Posted on: 4 July 2017

Every time your puppy tries to give you a kiss, you may find yourself reeling from their bad breath and wondering if you need to start brushing their teeth. However, providing dental care for your dog benefits them in other ways more important than just keeping their breath fresh. Below are three reasons why brushing your dog's teeth every day can keep them healthy.

Allows You to Check for Problem Teeth

When you make it a habit of providing oral care for your dog every day, you get to know their teeth. Not only are you able to see if any teeth are missing or broken, you can also check for wearing down of the enamel.

Because dogs have the instinct to chew on objects like bones and toys, the enamel on the edges of their teeth can start to wear down. If something is not done about the severe deterioration of their teeth, your dog may end up with a cavity or even tooth decay.

If you know how your pooch's teeth normally look, you will be able to recognize when they are in danger of tooth damage. You would then be able to have your dog's veterinarian check the teeth so treatment can begin.

Helps Prevent Gum Disease

Just like you, your dog's teeth are susceptible to tartar and plaque buildup. If allowed to remain and fester, this buildup can result in gum disease, eventually leading to pain and tooth loss for your dog.

When you brush your canine's teeth every day, you keep the amount of tartar and plaque buildup down. However, you may also want to have your dog's teeth professionally cleaned at intervals recommended by the vet, especially if your dog's teeth tend to accumulate a large amount of the sticky substances.

Protects Your Dog from Other Health Problems

Brushing your dog's teeth does not only protect their dental health but can also help protect them from other health problems. Because of the number of blood vessels in their gums, any bacteria or infection that invades your dog's mouth could spread throughout their body, especially if periodontal disease has weakened the tissue.

If the germs enter your dog's bloodstream, they could infect other organs, such as your dog's heart. An infection in their heart could cause serious damage to the organ, potentially limiting their lifespan.

After learning about the advantages of brushing your dog's teeth on a daily basis, you may decide it is time to put them on an oral hygiene regimen. During your dog's next appointment with their veterinarian, such as at Oakton Animal Hospital, ask the doctor for recommendations on techniques and products you can use to keep your canine's teeth healthy.


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