Is Your Cat Going Crazy With The Scratching? 4 Reasons You Shouldn't Have It Declawed

Posted on: 15 July 2017

If your cat likes to scratch and claw it's way through your house and your skin, you may be thinking about having it declawed. You might have heard that it's a simple process, and that it won't harm your cat in any way. Unfortunately, that's not entirely true. In fact, it can harm your cat, and it's not actually a simple process. Here are four reasons why declawing your cat could harm your cat and cause problems for you.

It's Major Surgery

When it comes to declawing your cat, you should know that's it's not just a simple, in-office procedure. It's actually major surgery involving your cats toes. During the procedure, the first joint of each toe is surgically removed from your cat's feet. This is done by either using a scalpel or a laser. In some instances, a sharp nail cutter is used to remove the claw. Once the procedure is completed, your cat will require several days, or possibly weeks, to recover properly. In some instances, cats never heal properly, leaving them with an altered gait and permanent discomfort.

Makes Your Cat Defenseless

Cats have one major defense mechanism, and that's their claws. When they feel threatened, they extend their claws so that they can defend themselves against the threat. Unfortunately, once their claws are removed, they lose their ability to defend themselves against threats. Even if you keep your cat indoors, it could escape. Once it's outside on its own, it will have no way to protect itself if it's been declawed.

May Lead to Other Aggressive Behavior

Once your cat is declawed, it may find it necessary to develop other ways to defend itself against real or imagined threats. If that's the case, you may find that your once peaceful cat now bites whenever it's annoyed or feels threatened. It may also begin avoiding people altogether.

Causes Litter Box Avoidance

Your cat may be using the litter box fine right now. However, once it's declawed, it may develop an avoidance issue with the litter box. That's because the litter inside the box may hurt its paws. If that happens, your cat may start relieving itself on your carpet or in your laundry buckets -- anywhere that's soft on its paws.

If your cat is out of control with its scratching and clawing, and you're considering declawing, talk to a veterinarian like those at Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic about strategies you can employ to stop the unwanted behavior.


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