What To Do If Your Cat Needs Medication While You're At Work

Posted on: 29 July 2017

Cats typically do just fine being left at home while their owner is away at work. However, if your cat has recently been diagnosed with an illness, injury, or needs medication for some other reason, you could have a conundrum on your hands. Hospitalizing a cat purely to ensure that they get their medication on a consistent basis is extremely expensive and not practical for most cat parents. Thankfully, there is a good alternative that can guarantee your cat gets the medication it needs even if you're away at work or on a business trip.

Why It's Important Not to Miss a Dose

Whether your cat is currently taking antibiotics, a dewormer, or some other kind of medication, it's imperative that they don't miss doses.

In cases where the medication is killing a foreign invader like bacteria or a parasite, skipping doses can cause the pest to become resistant or immune to the medication. This can cause your cat to relapse, meaning you'll need to start all over again and get a different medication to treat your cat.

If your cat is taking a medication to treat a chronic health condition like kidney disease, missing a dose can harm your cat's health. Your veterinarian has prescribed a treatment plan in order to control your cat's symptoms and improve its quality of life. If doses are missed or delivered late on a consistent basis, your cat's symptoms may worsen.

Downsides of Cat Sitters

Some pet parents look to cat sitters to deliver medications to their cats while they're away. Unfortunately, there are some potential problems with this idea.

Most cats are a bit skittish around strangers, especially once they discover that said stranger is trying to give them medication. Your cat knows your home better than the cat sitter does, and can potentially hide away in places where it can't be found or reached. If your cat sitter can't get to your cat, the medication won't be given in a timely manner.

Furthermore, not every cat sitter is qualified to give medication to cats. If your cat manages to spit out the medication or some of the medication is wasted, it won't do your cat's health any favors.

The Best Solution

If you're committed to your cat's health, you should consider taking your cat to a kitty daycare center. Kitty daycares are staffed by professionals that have years of hands-on experience with a wide variety of cats. They know how to deliver medications and are working in their own facilities, so there aren't hidey-holes your cat can get to where they can't be reached. Furthermore, there won't just be on person trying to medicate your cat; if your cat is particularly difficult to give medication to, multiple staffers can help to soothe and control your kitty while they get their medication.

In addition, your cat won't simply be given their drugs and then left alone. Your kitty will be able to enjoy a day of play, social activity, and interaction that will keep them stimulated and happy while you're busy at work.

Cat daycare can keep your kitty from going without its medication and take the stress off of you. Whether your cat needs medication for just a few days or for the rest of their life, kitty daycare is there to help.


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