Experience The Best Of Both Worlds With A Bernedoodle

Posted on: 6 December 2017

Are you looking for a dog that is low-shedding and goofy like a poodle, yet loyal and affectionate like a Bernese Mountain Dog? Then you need a Bernedoodle! This crossbreed is becoming increasingly popular for good reason. These two dog breeds pair together perfectly to create dogs that make wonderful companions with a lot of other desirable qualities. Here's a closer look.

What do Bernedoodles look like?

Bernedoodles all look a bit different. Some look a bit more like poodles with tighter, more curly hair, while others have more flowing locks. You'll often see them in a brown and black color with some white on their chest and paws. However, some are simply black and white. They have long snouts and snub noses, along with floppy, shaggy ears that are covered in long hair. Bernedoodles tend to have a bit stockier of a build than a poodle, but they're not as large as a Burmese Mountain Dog. Then again, as they are hybrids, some get the traits of one breed over the other and end up smaller or larger.

Are Bernedoodles good for families?

Absolutely. These dogs are very gentle and great with kids. They won't make a good guard dog because... well... they love everyone a little too much. But they will cuddle next to you on the couch, be patient as your child tugs their tail, and let all of your visitors gush over them.

How much space do Bernedoodles need?

Bernedoodles are pretty big dogs, but because of their calm nature, they don't need as much space as most other large dog breeds. They can live in an apartment if you have access to a dog park or are very dedicated to taking them on daily walks. Of course, they do well in larger homes, too.

How hard are Bernedoodles to train?

Most would rate them as moderate in trainability. They're not as easy to train as a border collie or golden retriever, but they are far easier than beagles and your average cocker spaniel. The good thing is that they are not dangerous if not trained absolutely impeccably. A novice dog owner should do just fine with a Bernedoodle if they are attentive and attend a few training classes. And someone who has owned dogs in the past will probably find the Bernedoodle to be a walk in the park.

Bernedoodles are a great choice for families who want a friendly, loving dog that really bonds to them. To learn more, contact a Bernadoodle breeder near you! 


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