3 Safety Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During Extremely Cold Winter Weather

Posted on: 25 January 2018

Just like humans, pet need to be careful when it is extremely cold outside. You need to be careful with your pets when it is below freezing outside. You need to make sure that you don't leave your pet in your cold car, make sure your dog has a warm sleeping area and keep your pet inside as much as possible.

Be Careful with Your Car

The danger of leaving your pet in a hot car are well known; however, the dangers of leaving your pet in a cold car are not as well known. Just like your car can heat up rapidly in the summer, the temperatures inside of your car can drop just as rapidly in the winter when it is really cold outside. If you leave your pet outside in a turned off car in the winter, it can rapidly get too cold for your pet. If you take your pet with you, make sure to leave your car running so that it is nice and warm for your pet.

Make A Warm Sleeping Space

Next, you need to make sure that you provide your pet with a warm place to sleep. Your garage or your pets outdoor space may be a little too cold for your pet to sleep comfortable and safely. Even the floor on your home may be a little colder. Keep in mind that heat rises, so your floor is going to be the coldest spot in your house.

Put a rug under your pet's sleeping area to warm it up. Make sure that your pet has a nice warm bed to sleep in, and be sure to give your pet a couple of extra blankets to keep warm with.

If your pet has to sleep outside, warm up their space. Keep their bed off the ground. Put blankets or straw under the bed to help keep the heat in. Put a more solid door or your pets space to keep the heat in. If you put in a heating lamp or heater, be sure to put it somewhere safe and secure, where it will not get tipped over and harm your pet.

Keep Your Pet Inside

Try to keep your pet inside as much as possible when it is really cold outside. Let your pet out for short periods of time to go to the bathroom. Make sure that you don't forget about your pet. Limit your pet's outside time to about 15 minutes when it is really cold outside.

When your pet comes inside, be sure to clean off their paws. Deicers can harm your pet's paws and you don't want them to ingest these chemicals either. Wipe your pet's paws off when they come inside.

Protect your pet against the cold this year by not leaving your pet in a cold car, make sure your pet's sleep space is warm and comfortable, and keep your pet inside as much as possible. Contact a puppy breeder, like Puppy Heaven, for more puppy care help.


The Important Role Of Pet Safety

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