About The Aussiedoodle

Posted on: 17 October 2019

An Aussiedoodle dog is a crossbreed, also known as a hybrid dog. The dog breeds that are used to make this type of hybrid is an Australian shepherd and a standard poodle. There are many reasons why so many people look specifically for this type of puppy, and you can learn more about the breed by reading the following questions and answers that are covered here.

How big does this dog grow to be?

Australian shepherds and standard poodles are both considered to be medium-sized dogs, with a standard poodle being on the larger side. However, when you mix two dog breeds together, it generally results in the puppies being smaller than the larger parent. This means most of the puppies from Australian shepherd and standard poodle parents will end up being medium-sized dogs when they reach adulthood.

What is the coat of an Aussiedoodle like?

An Australian shepherd's coat is a type of coat known as a double coat. This means that they have an outer coat that is the part of the coat you would pet. Their fur is medium when it comes to softness because it's not very soft, but it's not wiry or harsh either. Then, they have the undercoat, and this is the dense fur that is underneath the fur you see. A standard poodle has a single coat that is curly and soft. When you combine the two breeds, you tend to get a dog that has medium length fur that is wavy and soft. Also, poodles are known for their great feature of not shedding as most other dogs do, and fortunately, the Aussiedoodle picks up this great trait as well.

What is an Aussiedoodle's personality like?

Just as with people, dogs also have their own personalities. However, dog breeds are known for having certain traits due to their genetics. Aussiedoodles tend to be highly intelligent dogs who learn quickly. They also tend to be very loyal to the family. While poodles tend to be more loyal to one person, Australian shepherds tend to be loyal to their family. This is why the mixture of the two breeds make for a very loyal dog. The Aussiedoodles also tend to have a lot of energy. They do best when they are given a job or when they are involved in something like agility training. Plus, they are naturally agile, and this makes agility training perfect for them.

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