Tips When Choosing A Plastic Terrarium For A Pet

Posted on: 23 December 2020

If you plan on getting a pet that needs its own habitat, such as a frog or tarantula, then a plastic terrarium may be the perfect structure. It's cost-effective and very easy to find today. You'll be able to choose the perfect one, too, if you use these shopping tips to your benefit.

Assess Pet's Space Requirements

You know you want to go with a plastic terrarium for your pet's structure, but which size is best? Every pet has different space requirements. For instance, frogs and spiders don't need as much room because they tend to stay in the same spot throughout the day.

Whereas animals like geckos and snakes require a larger plastic terrarium because they're active and like to move from one area to the next. Find out exactly what space requirements are ideal for the species you plan on keeping in this terrarium and then you'll have no issues.

Make Sure the Lid Includes Vents

While your pet is inside this terrarium for presumably most of the day, they need to get plenty of oxygen. You can ensure this happens for your pet by going with a plastic terrarium that includes vents at the top of the lid.

The lid will keep the animal from getting out, but there will be vents to allow air to flow in and out. That should keep your pet all the more happy and safe while they're inside this plastic structure every day.

Ensure Plastic Is See-Through

When getting a plastic terrarium, the color of the plastic is something you don't want to overlook. You probably want to see them inside every day going about their routines and this is possible if the plastic terrarium is completely see-through.

You'll then be able to see them any time you want as long as they're out in plain view and not underneath a hideout or other toy you decide to put in. Having this design also is key in checking up on them every day to make sure they're adjusting to their new enclosure and not getting too stressed. If they are, you'll be able to notice and can intervene before it's too late.

Any time you're housing a smaller pet like a frog or lizard, plastic terrariums are a good choice. They are very inexpensive and if you are careful about finding the right fit, this enclosure can work out great as a habitat. 


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