Why Cockapoos Make Great Family Pets

Posted on: 11 January 2022

If you are looking for a pet that can become a cherished member of the family for years to come, then you have probably scoured a hundred forums and looked at dozens of different dog and cat breeds. Still, it is very easy for some of the less well-known breeds to sneak past your attention, which is, unfortunately, often the case with the humble cockapoo. Before you make your final decision, here are a few reasons why you should consider cockapoos as a potential pet that your entire family will love and adore for many years to come.

Best Of Both Worlds

A cockapoo is a mixed breed that is a descendant of cocker spaniels and poodles. While that might seem like a very high maintenance pairing, in reality, cockapoos are much more down-to-earth and simple to care for. They combine the intelligence and loyalty of a poodle with the playfulness and affection of a cocker spaniel while having a coat that, while it does take some work, is not something you will endlessly toil over. They are one of the most lovable and trusting dogs you will find and grow incredibly attached to their owners while being very gentle and loving with children too.

Not Too Big

While big dogs do have quite a few advantages in their own right, as a family dog, cockapoos are hard to beat. Their smaller size means there is less of a chance of them accidentally bounding over your child and knocking them to the ground, and it also means that they don't need as much exercise or food, so they are easier to keep as housepets. If you do end up wanting another, bigger, dog, then you will be happy to know that cockapoos are just as loving with their fellow canine friends, and even get along quite well with cats!

Grow Up With Your Children

Cockapoos can live for fifteen years or more, and if they are properly desexed and cared for they are generally quite healthy unlike some other, specially bred dogs. While they can get cataracts and arthritis, so can all dogs and often bigger dogs will see these problems occur much more seriously. If you want a pet that your children will be able to grow attached to throughout their childhood and well into adolescence, then cockapoos are a great option as they will remain loving and caring for over a decade. 

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