Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Posted on: 2 May 2022

German shepherds are often seen as being work dogs because they have been used in law enforcement and the military. However, they are one of the most popular dog breeds because they are actually great family dogs and are highly trainable. There are several things you can expect when you make your German shepherd a family dog.

All Dogs Are Unique

While German shepherds tend to have certain common behavioral characteristics, every dog is unique. Your dog will have their own personality and any behavioral tendencies found in a German shepherd won't necessarily be present in your dog.

German Shepherds Are Intelligent

The german shepherd breed is one of the smartest breeds available. Therefore, if you take your dog to obedience school at an early age, your dog will be less territorial and will be more likely to get along with strangers who you bring into your home. You will also want to nurture your dog's gentle side so that they will make a great dog.

One of the characteristics of a German shepherd is that they are very perceptive. Your German shepherd will be responsive to your mood and they will be there for you if you are feeling down and need someone to be there for you. They are very eager to please and are happy to act goofy or play to help put you in a good mood.

Kids Can Play with a German Shepherd for a Long Time

The playfulness of a German shepherd puppy makes them an especially good pick for children because they are also very athletic and have a lot of stamina. Therefore, your kids will be able to play with the German shepherd for a long time before your dog tires out.

As with any dog, it's important to teach your kids how to play with a dog and the importance of being gentle and respectful. If any dog feels hurt or threatened, they are likely to become aggressive until they no longer feel in danger.

German Shepherds Have Been Bred to be Less Aggressive

German shepherds are not aggressive toward their family members and are bred to be highly protective against their families. Most of the aggression that used to exist in German shepherds has been removed from the breed as a result of selective breeding. As a result, you will be able to train your German shepherd puppies to be loyal, loving, and gentle pets. 

For more info, visit a breeder that has German shepherd puppies for sale. 


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