Want A Cat? Why A Maine Coon Is A Good Choice

Posted on: 6 December 2022

If you are planning to get a new cat, there are many options available. One of these options is a Maine Coon cat. Below is information about this breed so you can decide if you and your new cat will fit well together. 


A Maine Coon cat gets larger than most cats. Many people even use a collar and a leash to walk their Maine Coon outside as they are as large as some small dogs. Male Maine Coons can get up to over 18 pounds when they are fully grown and female Maine Coons get up to around 12 pounds when fully grown. This is much larger than a standard cat which weighs around 10 pounds when fully grown. This is based on cats that are at a healthy weight as there are cats that are overweight and can weigh more. 

Maine Coons are also long and can get up to 40 inches long when full grown and much taller than standard cats. 

Loves Their Family

Maine Coons love their family, and they are very sweet cats. Do not be surprised if this large beauty jumps on your lap to take a nap. They may demand attention, as well as your time, however, if they do not get enough. 

Maine Coons are friendly and will get along well with anyone that visits your home. They will also do well with strangers they may see. If you have one or more dogs, your Maine Coon will fit right in. This is especially true if you introduce your Maine Coon to your dogs when they are kittens. Maine Coons also do well around children. 

They Talk

One thing you should know about Maine Coons is they make a lot of noise. They can be comical at times, however. You often hear cats meow when they want something. You will also hear your Maine Coon meow if they are hungry, thirsty, or simply want your attention. 

Maine Coons make many more sounds that other cats do not. You will hear them make chirping or cheeping sounds. The sounds are generally not loud, and they sound much like birds you have outside. 

Visit a few breeders and look at the adult Maine Coon cats to help you see how large they get. You can also find Maine Coon cats at many rescue centers, especially rescue centers that take in most cats. 

For more info about Maine Coon cats, contact a local breeder. 


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