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  • Five Ways To Puppy Proof Your Home Before Bringing Home A German Shepherd Puppy

    German shepherds as adults are loyal, courageous, intelligent, and devoted. German shepherd puppies naturally grow into these characteristics, but they also naturally get into trouble. One thing that most German shepherd puppies do is bite and nip. It's how they learn about their environment. It's also how they create messes and, unfortunately, get injured. Before bringing your German shepherd puppy home, here are 5 ways to puppy-proof your house so your little pooch doesn't get injured.
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  • 3 Tips For Keeping Your Cat's Mouth Clean

    Every cat lover knows that most cats are fastidious about keeping themselves clean. However, no matter how meticulous your feline is, there are some aspects of cleaning that your cat just can't do for themselves. For example, your cat can't keep its own teeth and mouth clean. Gingivitis and other dental problems are common health issues for cats, and you can protect your pet from them by brushing their teeth on a regular basis.
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